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How to Dance

Have Fun & Meet People!

Dancing provides many opportunities to meet & have fun with other people.  Learning how to dance can increase self-confidence & build social skills.

Studies have shown that social activities, such as dancing, contribute to high self-esteem & a positive outlook.

It's a known fact that physical activity can reduces stress & tension.  Regular dancing also builds an overall sense of well-being.  Now is the time to learn How to Dance!

3 Ways to learn How to Dance
Group Lessons
Why group lessons?



  • The cost is usually more economical
  • There is more opportunity to meet new people
  • We always rotate so you don't need a partner
  • Helps build self-confidence
  • Improve social skills & dance floor etiquette
    Learn at home
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn as you have time
  • The most cost effective
  • Learn by yourself or include your family & friends
  • You can hit pause & go back
    as much as you need


Private Lessons
Have it your way!
  • One on one attention from the instructor
  • Greater development of precision lead / follow skills
  • Greater attention to nuance and styling
  • Instructor can fine-tune technique such as posture and frame




Weekly Group Lessons

Group lessons are a key element to your social dance experience.

With our drop in class schedule you have no comittments or contracts. Just show up, take the class & have fun.

Our group classes are a cost-effective way to develop your lead/follow skills & build your repertoire of patterns. Learning how to dance with different partners & many couples on the floor will prepare you for success in any social dance environment

We rotate frequently so you don't need a partner & you get a chance to meet & dance with a variety of folks.

For more information on our group classes, visit our Dances & Events page

Learn at home with our DVDs
It's like having Dean & Dawn for a private lesson at your house anytime you wish. Our Learn to Dance series are produced specifically for all levels that want to learn at home.

Our DVDs include comprehensive dance instructions using our proven 3-Step method of teaching.

Learn at your own pace and at your convenience.  You can easily hit pause and go back as much as you need while learning.

Check out our Learn to Dance videos!

Here's a video sample of one of our DVDs
Private Lessons

Whether you’re a beginning or experienced dancer, social or competitive dancer private lessons are the foundation of your dance education.

Private dance lessons are all about you!  Customized to you, at your speed & on your schedule.

Here’s where you’ll learn the details on the technique, character & styling of each dance.  Also, since private dance lessons are customized to your individual style of learning, you’ll progress quickly.

For more infomation on private lessons with:

Dean's email -

Dawn's email -

or call us toll free at 855-333-2623

Getting Started

Dean & Dawn make it easy to get started with our introductory group class.

We understand how hard it is to take that first step & we are willing to hold your hand while you do it.  And, no one is ever under any obligation or contract at any time.  Just pay a small cover charge at the door as you go.

When you arrive at our weekly dance, you'll be greeted with a warm smile & a friendly welcome. We pride ourselves in creating a fun & non-intimidating group class where learning is fun & easy.

Our main goals are to share our love & passion for music & dance with you, to give you a chance to learn from our many years of experience & help grow the Maryland, DC & Virginia dance community.