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How to Cha Cha vol 1 video will teach you: ships our videos (DVDs) to the USA & internationally to countries they serve.  Our videos are NTSC format.
Introduction to Cha Cha

1 - Rhythm & Timing

2 - Underarm Turns

3 - Crossover Breaks

4 - Walk Around & Back Break

5 - Tips for Leading & Following

6 - Sliding Door & Side by Side    
7 - Crossbody Lead & Chase

8 - Traveling Triple & Back Spot Turn

9 - Putting It All Together

BONUS - Tips from the Champions

BONUS - Practice Music section
Cha Cha video time
85 Minutes of Fun Dancing!

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Cha Cha (or Cha-Cha-Cha as it is also called) is a couple's dance of Cuban origin.  Cha Cha is danced to a wide variety of music from Latin to Country, as well as, today's Top 40 / Contemporary genres.  Cha Cha is a stationary dance, for the most part, with intersection patterns performed with Cuban motion & without any rise & fall.  Cha Cha can be danced with a very flirtatious attitude much like a game of cat & mouse with quick staccato actions.  Cha Cha is generally danced in a range of tempos between 96-118 bpm.

Our How to Cha Cha video dance lessons are a superb fun way to get you dancing easily & quickly with our proven 3 Step System.  You too can be the dancer everyone wants to dance with.  Place your order for our How to Cha Cha video today & start learning to dance!
Learn how to Cha Cha
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How to Cha Cha
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How to Cha Cha Video Dance Lessons
How to Cha Cha Video DVD Dance Lessons




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Cha Cha music is in 4/4 timing with a heavy accent on the "2".  The basic count of Cha Cha is "1, 2, 3, 4&"  or if counted to eight it would be "1, 2, 3, 4&, 5, 6, 7, 8&".  One popular way to count Cha Cha is to say "2, 3, Cha Cha Cha" where as the last "Cha" represents count "1" of the music.  If it sounds confusing, be assured we explain & demonstrate the 4 count timing in this video.

Dancing the Cha Cha is a great way to build your confidence and meet new people.  Be sure to check out our Cha Cha Dance Song Favorites for some excellent songs to dance & practice to.

Let us quickly & easily teach you How to Cha Cha & you'll be enjoying this dance in no time!  Let's get started ... order How to Cha Cha video today!






Ms. Malone wrote - "I can't say enough good things about Dean & Dawn's instructional DVDs - they are all about making it fun to learn a new dance!  Whether you're just starting out or have been dancing for years, Dean & Dawn have a wealth of great information to share.

Their years of experience as World Champion competitive dancers, combined with their amazing expertise as teachers & coaches, have enriched the lives of everyone who attends any of their dances & workshops.  If you can't have this experience in person, these DVD's are absolutely the next best thing - you won't regret buying one for every dance! "
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How to Dance Video DVD Dance Lessons
Ms. Grimet wrote - " I have had lessons all over Europe, Canada, UK & USA & without a doubt Dean & Dawn are two of the best teachers I have ever worked with. If you want to learn the basics, these DVD's are where you should start. The quality of these DVDs are excellent & are so easy to follow. Their 3 step method really works! "
Cha Cha Songs (Music)
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Once you have our How to Cha Cha video you'll want some great Cha Cha Music (Songs) to practice and dance to.  Here are our Cha Cha Song (Music) favorites from dance events and fun social dances, as well as, Cha Cha Songs that are very popular at dance competitions across the USA.  We hope you like and enjoy them!

Visit here again soon as we'll be updating our song list often.

Cha Cha Songs (Music)

Song Title Artist Genre / BPM
Carino Jennifer Lopez Pop / 116
Oye Como Va Santana Latin / 129
Groovy Little Summer Song James Otto Country / 98
Oh What A Thrill The Mavericks Country / 112
Lady Soul Johnny Taylor Blues / 111
Neon Moon Brooks & Dunn Country / 102
Why Not Tonight Neal McCoy Country / 109
Todo Todo Todo Daniela Romo Latin / 129
Oh Girl Vince Gill Country / 100
But For The Grace Of God Keith Urban Country / 113
I Need To Know Marc Anthony Pop / 115
Ashes By Now Lee Ann Womack Country / 108
Groove With Me MDO Latin / 124
Buddy Love Matt Bianco Latin / 126
Chilly Cha Cha Jessica Jay Latin / 129
Easy Come Easy Go George Strait Country / 106
Let's Get Loud Jennifer Lopez Pop / 131
Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing Stevie Wonder Country / 102
Volver A Verte Oscar D'Leon Latin / 116
Black Or White Michael Jackson Pop / 116
Your Man Josh Turner Country / 102
Boomerang Love Jimmy Buffett Country / 101
Wonderful Waste Of Time Alabama Country / 116
I Can't Take You Anywhere Scotty Emerick Country / 110
How to Cha Cha information and Dance Tip
How to Cha Cha information and Dance Tip
Dean's Dance Tip for February
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Do you feel off balance & wobbly when you dance? Make sure you aren’t looking at your feet. Looking down pulls you forward because your head weight is no longer over the center of your body.  It's a common mistake for beginner dancers.  Look straight ahead, with your head centered over your spine, and see if that helps correct your balance issues.
Feeling Off Balance & Wobbly?
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Multi-Award winning & World Dance Champion Dean Garrish has been teaching & competing for over 25 years. Dean has won a UCWDC World Title & over 20 Top Teacher Awards.   Dean teaches beginner, intermediate, advanced & competitive dancers every week.  His students love the way he adjust his teaching methods to each student's level & goals.  This sensitivity makes sure each student is not intimidated and enjoys increasing dance success & accomplishment.

Dean keeps his dance skills finely tuned by competing with his ProAm competitive students all over the USA.  You can even catch Dean live and in person teaching Learn how to Dance workshops at Swing & Country Dance competitions all over the country.

Whether you're just starting for the first time or a competitive dancer, Dean's philosophy is that dance should be fun, rewarding and confidence building for each & every person. With his champion dance & instructing experience, he not only teaches you the basics of how to dance, but also reveals those important tips & techniques that champion dancers know, but rarely share.  Now, you can learn how to dance from Dean in the comfort of your own home any time you wish!

In his off time, Dean is an avid fisherman, motorcycle rider and enjoys searching out the delicious fine food across the USA.  Join us & you too can be the "Dancer everyone wants to dance with!"

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Multi-Award winning & World Dance Champion Dawn Garrish has been teaching & competing for over 25 years. Dawn has won 2 UCWDC World Titles & 4 US Open Swing Titles.  She is also frequently the Head Judge or Dance Judge at many prestigious competitive events across the USA.  Be sure to say hi to Dawn if you see her at an event near you.

Dawn teaches all levels of students from beginners all the way to advanced competitive dancers. She also coaches two competitive swing teams from Maryland/DC/ Virginia area, as well as, choreographs & stages the annual spectacular Halloween/All Saints Concert at the United States Naval Academy.  This acclaimed weekend of shows always sells out very quickly.

All these years, Dawn has been sharing her love of dance with thousands of people all over the country. Her friendly, fun style of teaching is so important to her students and now she can share her champion experience with you right at home.

When Dawn is relaxing she loves to spend time at the beach and to celebrate occassions with close friends. Please join us and experience Dawn's friendly, non-intimidating way of teaching you how to dance!
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