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Our mission at Dean & Dawn Entertainment is to help you enjoy life through music and dance.  We have a passion to serve our customers with a professional staff that has the knowledge, ability & desire to spread the benefits of dance & music to as many people as possible through all types of venues, media & technologies.  And now, we would like to introduce to you the Dean & Dawn Entertainment Team.


Dean & Dawn are a dynamic husband & wife dance team that have been teaching & competing for over 25 years.  During this time, they have been sharing their love of dance with thousands of people all across the country.

With their extensive knowledge in competitive dancing they have won 2 UCWDC World Titles, 6 US Open Swing Titles & over 50 Top Teacher Awards.  Dawn is also frequently a judge or head judge at many events across the country.  They are also co-event directors of the annual New Orleans Dance Mardi Gras competition event in Louisiana.

Dean & Dawn pride themselves in teaching the largest continuous group classes in the Maryland & DC area.  Daily, they also privately teach dancers at all levels from true beginners to advanced World competitors.

Now, they are expanding their nationwide audience by taking their 3-step teaching system & comfortable, non-intimidating style to DVD & On-Demand Media through state-of-the-art technologies.

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Bryan Frenzel


Bryan started dancing about 15 years ago by attending group lessons & our dance parties.  He really liked Dean & Dawn's relaxed, non-intimidating & fun style of teaching.  He also found the weekly dances to be a great way of meeting people & exercise as well.   After about a year & half of group lessons, Bryan decided to start private lessons with Dawn with the desire to someday compete.  Now, he is a nationwide Pro/Am competitor with Dawn & really enjoys the thrill of competition!

Wanting to help spread Dean & Dawn's teaching style nationwide, Bryan partnered with us towards the end of 2012.  He shares our passion of music & dance & also our desire to help people enjoy life.  With his marketing experience we hope to bring in even more friends to our dance community.

Bryan adds over 33 years of technology, website design, marketing, lighting design, DJ & emcee experience to our team.  With extensive knowledge of internet, video & audio systems he will help expand our teaching techniques to many state-of-the-art media and electronics available today.

He is our Technical Director, as well as, Videographer & Editor of our "Learn to Dance" DVDs.  He really enjoys creating special effects & graphics in the post editing process.